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   Mayer's is the oldest continuous cider mill operating in Webster, New York. In 1866 Donat Mayer purchased the 75-acre farm and farmhouse, which had been built in 1830. Shortly after purchasing the property, Donat and his son Donat Jr., began grinding and pressing their excess apples into cider. It wasn't long before other area apple growers began bringing their apples to Mayer's to have them processed into cider too. They would then take the apple cider back home in barrels where most of it was then turned into "apple jack" and perhaps a bit of vinegar to be used for cooking and preserving home grown fruits and vegetables.

   In 1962, Harvey Mayer handed over the family business to Dave Bower, though he continued to provide valuable assistance on a daily basis. Mayer's soon expanded beyond apple pressing, incorporating grape grinding and juice extraction for winemaking. Dave Bower's sons, David Jr. and William, grew up contributing to the cider mill and later joined their father in diversifying the business. They introduced home winemaking kits, wine presses, grinders, bottles, corks, and various DIY materials to support wine enthusiasts.

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In the 1920's, a third generation of the Mayer family led by Harvey, grandson of the first Donat, took over the family cider mill and began selling bottled cider to the general public. In those early years, a fire destroyed a portion of the cider mill, but was quickly replaced with a concrete block building that still serves as a storefront today. 

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