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Mayer's Farm Market CSA

Welcome to the 2024 Mayer’s Farm Market CSA!

This Community Supported Agriculture (CSA for short) program offers fresh, local produce delivered conveniently to your chosen pickup location throughout the growing season. We partner with nearby farms to bring you a bountiful harvest, all season long!

Looking for a variety of fruits and produce across the season? Choose the package that suits you the most:

  • Seasonal Share Package: Choose your ideal size and pick-up frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) for a season-long CSA share. Pay upfront for the freshest, local produce delivered on designated pick-up days.a

  • Flexible Share Package: Prefer to pay as you go? Every week, choose from our curated list of delicious, imported produce. Pick a full box or customize it with your favorites (10 or 5 item options from the list). New list posted weekly!

CSA Seasonal Share Package 

Details on our CSA package where the entire season is paid upfront

Get ready for a season lasting roughly 24 weeks!

We are aiming to start on the 3rd full week of June (6/19 and 6/22) and will wrap things up by Thanksgiving.


Make sure to order your memberships now to secure your spot before the program starts in mid-June!

Share Options

We have a variety of membership packages to suit your needs. Decide how much you want to receive and how often, and we'll create a personalized plan for you.

  • Share Size

    • Full Share: Enough for 4-5 people, for $39 per pickup

    • Half Share: Enough for 2-3 people, for $21 per pickup

  • Delivery

    • Weekly: 24 pickups across 24 weeks

    • Biweekly: 12 pickups across 24 weeks

    • Monthly: 6 pickups across 24 weeks (3rd full week of each month)

Pickup Options

Pick up your fresh produce at your chosen location and day, making it simple to incorporate healthy eating into your routine.

  • Pickup Day

    • Wednesday

    • Saturday

  • Pickup Location

    • Webster - Mayer's Cider Mill​

    • Hilton - Lake Ontario Winery

Sign Up Today!

Spaces for our CSA program are limited, so sign up today and secure your share of fresh, local produce. Joining is easy: just contact us at or call (585) 368-8313. Remember, you need to join before the mid-June program start to guarantee your spot.

More details about this package can be found in our FAQ:

CSA Flexible Share Package

Details on our CSA package that is paid for on a weekly basis

This CSA option offers a flexible approach to enjoying seasonal non-local produce. Here's how it works:

Weekly List

Starting in mid-June, at the beginning of each week, we'll post a new list of delicious, non-local fruits and vegetables available for the weekly box. Once the program starts then the list will be available here.

Box Options

Each week you can select whether to choose the full box list, or you can select 10 items or 5 items from the list for varying prices:

  • Full Box: Roughly $38 per box

  • 10 Items: Roughly $20 per box

  • 5 Items: Roughly $10 per box

Order & Pick Up

After we post the weekly list, you will have up until the designated pickup date to contact us to order your week's share. Contact us at either or call us at (585) 368-8313 in order to reserve your week's share.


No weekly commitment, but spaces are limited. Each order guarantees your spot for the next week.

CSA Seasonal Share Package - FAQ

How do I sign up?

Currently, you can contact us at or call us at (585) 368-8313 in order to sign up for the CSA. We will then send you an invoice to be paid after you have finalized your decision to join. In the future, we will have a more automated program where you can order everything online with a single click, along with multiple different payment plans available.


What are the total costs for each plan?

The total costs of the plans is determined by the amount of pickups you choose for your plan, the total costs can be seen in the following table:

Total Cost
Price per Pickup
24 pickups (Weekly)
12 pickups (Biweekly)
6 pickups (Monthly)
Half Share
Full Share

How much will I receive?

The amount of produce you'll receive depends on the share size you choose. A Half Share is typically enough to feed 2-3 people, while a Full Share caters to 4-5 people.  Keep in mind, how quickly you use the produce depends on your cooking habits.

What will I receive?

Our CSA Seasonal Share Package is full of a large variety of different local produces, available fresh. The season also plays a role in the bounty of your box. Spring shares tend to be lighter, featuring items like peas, strawberries, and lettuce. As summer progresses and fall approaches, expect your share to become noticeably heavier, overflowing with delights like apples, peaches, squash, corn, and cabbage. 

What if I get something I don’t want in my share?

You can't customize your CSA box, but the farm hopes you'll try new things! If you dislike something, consider donating it, giving it away, or swapping it at a designated location for something else that's currently plentiful.

How long is the season?

Our 24-week season kicks off in mid-June, delivering the freshest produce straight to your table until the week before Thanksgiving. Sign up now and savor the bounty of summer all season long!

How do you communicate with CSA members?

To keep you informed and ensure smooth communication throughout the season, email is our preferred method of contact. Please make sure we have your most up-to-date email address on file. For any questions or concerns that may arise, feel free to reach out to us anytime at  For the quickest response, we recommend emailing us. However, you can also call us at (585) 368-8313 if that's more convenient. 

What if I forget to pick up my share or I’m on vacation?

We understand that life gets busy, and sometimes forgotten pickups happen!  If you miss your CSA share or are away on vacation, don't worry! We'll hold your box at your chosen pickup location until 6 pm the following day.

To ensure your fresh produce gets into your hands, you can also contact us in advance and authorize someone else to pick up your share on your behalf. Just let us know at least one week in advance of any changes to your pickup schedule.

How do I renew?

Starting at the beginning of the next calendar year, we will reserve a spot for all of last year’s members and will reach out to see if you wish to renew. 


1593 Hamlin Parma Townline Rd
 Hilton, NY 14468

699 Five Mile Line Road
Webster, NY 14580


(585) 368-8313


Office Hours

Tues-Fri 12:00 to 6:00

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